Pretty, Petite & Perfect!

collage2Hey there sweeties!❤ I just read something and really made me feel motivated. I suddenly felt that I should share my little knowledge especially for fashion. Living 23 years in this world being labeled as “small”, “miniature”, “tiny”, “short” and many others. I never felt bad about it actually. Yeah, sometimes I wonder that what if I was stretched a little more for me to gain some height? What will I look? Will I look better with those kind of clothes? Will I become pretty? It is actually normal to think of these questions but the next thing is the crucial part. How will you handle them or What will you do next?

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Mango x Tricia Gosingtian

Finally, this day has come! In my previous post, I shared to you my favorite fashion inspirations. And now I just met one of them after countless of times trying to go to her meet and greets even when I was still staying in Manila. So I just cross off 1 name on my list! Thanks to Mango, I met her in my hometown here in Davao City! I never though of meeting her here since I kept on following her back in Manila. hihi! (Yeap, I am totally a big fan of her).

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Bangkok 2016|Must visit places

At long long last, my first ever travel out of the Philippines! After trying for many years, failed plans and money wasted, I finally experienced the beauty of whats out there. As per say, “Travel because life is short and the world is huge.” That is why I always want to travel and discover different places and people. I want to explore and discover every place in the world.


(Wat Traimit: Temple of the Golden Buddha)

I chose Bangkok, Thailand for my first travel abroad because I have read from different travel blogs that BKK is a best choice for first timers travelling abroad. Also, Bangkok is known as the shopaholic’s paradise. I maybe not a hardcore shopaholic but the feeling of buying new clothes is like a therapy for me. So probably I can be also considered as a shopaholic.

So let me take you a quick tour to the Land of Smiles and the beauty of Bangkok.

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My Fashion Inspirations (Bloggers Edition)

faveBloggerHeaderPS: I made this photo! So happy with this I got to exercise my vector skills.

I totally love fashion. Thru fashion I can express true self. Though at first, I still don’t know my true self, or until now? Thats is why I have an ongoing list of my fashion inspirations. It keeps on changing. But there are 5 who continues to be my fashion inspirations. All of them are fashion bloggers. They influenced me to make my own blog. I know my blog is still petty. But I always dream to be like them some day.

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Farm girl goes to Bemwa Farm


(Thrift dress, Thrift bag, Primadonna platform shoes)
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Heey! I have been on hiatus for a couple of months because of work. I really missed blogging so much. But hey, I’m back once again!
Recently, Me, my mom with her friend visited a farm somewhere Buda, Bukidnon. We bought some lettuce, strawberries and potted herbs. My inner vegan side began to unleash.

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Flowers for you

flowers for you 2e(R.L. Fashion and Lifestyle dress, Abby Jocson bag, Zappatto heels)
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A great way to start a new week is by welcoming it with positive thoughts. By being a optimistic person, you must always see the bright side of life. Amidst all of your endless list of problems, there are still good things that are happening. One way to feel positive in life is also showing it in what you are wearing. Your clothes can make or break your day.

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Delicate Life

Delicate Life_3(R.L. Fashion and Lifestyle dress, Lacoste bag, City Sneaks shoes)
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I’m back again with my cute outfit for the day!🙂 Heeey! Its good to be back. I mean it is so good to be alive. Yes? I’m just so happy lately because I am still alive. Want to know why? Well, I just survived a car accident. It just happened so fast and I didn’t expect it to happen. Well, its an accident. How can you expect it to happen. Thank God I was not injured or anything. But the car that I drove was kinda damaged. Its okay, it can be fixed right away. Unlike with my life, it can never returned once it is taken.

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