Lazy Daisy

Lazy_daisy_4e(Mango shirt, Lee jeans, SM Accessories bag, Forever21 necklace, So Fab! shoes)
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Are you in a hurry ? Or too tired to dress up? There is nothing wrong with that. It really normal. Even for us who loves fashion so much, can also feel that way. But if you are feeling lazy or in a rush, it doesn’t mean you can’t look great and pretty. All you need is just a itsy bitsy tiny effort. and here comes our savior, the almighty Basics.

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Dainty little girl

Yes, I’m a 22 year old who is stuck in a 10 year old body. Some say I’m so lucky that I look young and seems I don’t age at all. I’m always mistaken by some cashiers to be a elementary student. Some clients asks for my age and be shocked after I reveal the big truth.  And if I didn’t mentioned my age at first, I bet you didn’t think that I’m that “old” already.


pose3-e(CLN bag, Primadonna heels, Thrifted top, Forever 21 skirt, Bow Factory PH accessory)
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My Dream 🌈🌠

I grew up living in a dress shop. Everyday I can hear the roaring noise of the sewing machines. Fabric scraps all over the floor. And also the different colors of threads arranged in a cabinet. This made discover my love and dream for fashion. However, this love is not that easy. A career in fashion is like putting a thread inside the hole of the needle. The chances for you to be successful are very low.

drawHere are some of my designs. I am not that good in drawing so Fashionary is a great tool for beginners like me. It can be used for quick sketches if you have a design just appeared in your mind.

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Go Bananas

*Kring kring kring* Summer is officially out and students are back to their beloved schools here in the Philippines. However, this doesn’t apply to me anymore. And to be honest, I miss going to school. I miss the spontaneous craziness with my classmates, cramming for exams and my precious daily allowances. Yeap, I’m not the model student type. I’m more than the happy-go-lucky type. And my outfit for today is inspired by my life as a student. pic-5eL

(Thrifted shirt, Forever 21 skort, Dockers jacket, Fioni boots, Thrifted bonnet, Unlimited Manila watch)
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Forest Nymph

And my first purchase from Apartment 8, is a romper suit! Actually, there are many stylish clothes that are hanging in their racks. From the classic black & white dresses, pastel colored tops and printed full circle skirts. However, I realized that I totally have a thing for rompers. And I bought this light teal romper because …. it’s too cute ~! 😉😄


pic-1-2e(Apartment 8 romper, Zappatto heels, Bow factory PH hair accessory)
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Denim & Laces

This is what I wore during the opening of Apartment 8’s new branch here in Davao City. Actually at first, I don’t know what to wear. It is because I don’t know if it is a formal event or not. So I ransacked my closet and my clothes are scattered around my room. After many trial and error changes, I decided to wear something casual since the event will be held inside a mall. I don’t want to be too flashy after all it is a day event.
pic-1e(Thrift pearl headband, Thrift dress, Vintage watch, Forever21 necklace, H&M sandals)
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Apartment 8: New Fashion Home in Davao City

Finally! Finally! It’s heeeeere! Apartment 8 opens a new branch here in my beloved hometown, Davao City. Located at 2nd Level of SM City Ecoland, near Onesimus. Apartment 8 is a local brand that sells fashion forward RTW Clothing for all the ladies regardless the age group, without the expense of the comfort.



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Childhood Memories

When I was looking for a location for my next shoot for my blog, I happen to passed by to a familiar place. It was the triangular park near the building we rented when I was still in grade 1. It feels so nostalgic like everything in my childhood years flashback into my head.

pose1_e(L.O.G.G sweater, Onymous eyeglasses, Forever21 skirt, SM Accessories bag, Nike shoes)
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A Sweet Treat!


pic-4-2Last May 8, 2015, we celebrated the 1st anniversary of our spa business. As a treat to my clients, I decided to bake some cookies and give it to them for free! So the day before the anniversary, I searched for some recipes at (Thanks google! You make our lives so much easier. ). Yes, I don’t know how to bake and cook either. It is my frustration to be able to bake cookies and other sweet treats. Well, there is still time to learn someday.

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