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summer leopard nails ! ♥

Its been a long time since I put some art on my nails. I missed this little hobby of mine . :> Lately, i have been busy on my school activities. Since i am now in the 3rd yr college already && also been elected as the external vice president of our division. LUCKILY, last night I got bored while studying for my exam(is it really lucky ? HAHAHA !! XD ) So, I got my newly purchased pastel yellow nail polish(from Etude house) and starting to “paint” my nails . :)) i don’t have any idea what to paint, but i thought that it should have a “Summer” theme. So, i thought since i haven’t not tried the leopard skin nail art design, i searched a tutorial in the youtube(the 2nd website of knowledge . XD ) so i found an easy tutorial done by the cutepolish channel. If you want to try this little hobby of mine which is nail art, subscribe to her channel since she has the easiest tutorials and the cutest designs there. So here is the link for her leopard nail art tutorial . :D

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cooking with roxieee ! :> ♥

YEEEESS !!!! it’s sunday, it’s my free day !!!!!!!! :D :D HAHAHA !! :) But actually i am not that free, I am just free from school . HAHA !! XD Well my day did started when dad actually woke me up early in the morning and asked me to dye his hair to black (cause his kinda old already and yea old people have white hair already). So i dyed his hair, and after that my family went to church and to the supermarket. When i went home, i should study for our S.A.D. exam. B-U-T !!!!! hahaha !! :)) i felt hungry, and me and my brother decided to cooked spaghetti. Actually, i am not that good in cooking and i will cook only once in a blue moon . XD And VIOLA !!! with the help of our maid, we had created a delicious spaghetti . I ate a lot while I was doing my assignments, yea i eat while i do some school stuff to keep up my concentration that is why i am getting fatter and fatter every single day . T_T HAHAHAHA !!! XD

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soooo hot sooo hoooot !!!! XD

It’s another fiery afternoon !!!! Wheeew ! When i was driving to our home, I really put the air conditioner of my car at its full power. and still, i am feeling a little bit sticky that i wanted to jump in a swimming pool. I really can feel the summer weather here in Davao city and its the best time to go to the beach or the pool.  yeees, the beach ! I don’t care if i will get dark, as long as i am in the water. It was really hot like the sun rays are already eating my skin. I just want to be feel refreshed, and the best way is to dip myself in the pool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOWEVER, I HAVE SUMMER CLASSES ლ(ಢ.◞౪◟ಢ‵ლ) soooooo yeaaa, i just have to deal with it. I CAN ONLY SWIM IN THE BEACH OR POOL IN MY DREAMS . T_T Yes, my long quiz with my gen psych class did pretty well than i expected. It was kinda easy but there are still some items i left it blank and i don’t know what is my score. For me i did a good job since i didn’t study that much last night since i arrived home late and was very tired. Instead of studying, i created THIS blog and slept already. :))) SO AM I A GOOD STUDENT ??? HAHAHA !! XD (by the way the pic is not mine.)

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hi ! :>

did you get my name? :P

Starting today, i will try to blog. i said “TRY” because I am not that good in english, so please do understand me in this matter. :) I am encourage to have a blog, since my classmates also are started to have blogs.  And to think i made a blog tonight, even though I have a long quiz with our gen psych class. :P

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